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Waste Not, Want Not For Millennials

Love shopping? Tired of spending a fortune on items that soon fall apart and have no lasting value? Did you just buy a great hat and then realize your best friend bought the same one? Looking for a treasure from another country but can't afford to travel there? Need a new toaster but only have $4 to your name? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it is time to expand your horizons and begin a more adventurous shopping experience. Welcome to the world of estate sale shopping.

An estate sale, often called a tag sale, is held inside of a person's home. A company is hired to sell all of the home's contents for pennies on the dollar. Your adventure begins here. You are allowed to walk around inside of a stranger's home and admire all the features that make it unique. Every house is different, and years later you will remember the little house with the 70's wallpaper and orange club chairs...or the extremely large house built to look like a castle. Oh! Remember the house on the golf course that was so luxurious you felt like you were at a resort? Yes, you will have plenty of tales to tell about all you saw.

To continue your adventure, you will be able to browse all the merchandise inside the home that is marked for sale. You'll find a half full expensive brand of perfume for $3. What about a leather motorcycle vest for $10? There will be belt buckles, and brand new shoes to look at. There will be televisions and odd novelties. You'll find mid century modern furniture you must have and a copper teapot your mom would love. Your best friend will love the blue vintage dress for a costume party...and well, you'll take the little short red one with the fringe. An estate sale is a treasure trove of goodies. And it's fun!!

Not only will you save money, you'll end up with a lot of unique items to dress up your apartment. No one will have a green bubble glass lamp like yours. Nor will they own a stool carved to look like a giant turtle that you scored for $50. Estate sale shopping is a blast! More importantly you're buying items that have a lot of life left in them, and you're stocking up your apartment for way less money than your buddy is. Does it really matter if your expresso machine came new in the box and cost $90? What about a gently used one for $15? What are you going to do with the extra $75 you now have?

Challenge yourself by traveling around your local area on Thursdays, Fridays, or Saturdays with your friends and see who can find the best deal at an estate sale. Look high and low for a piece that speaks to you. Estate sale shopping can be entertaining. You'll be making a lot of memories and gaining valuable knowledge about so many aspects of life. Let the adventure begin!

Good luck!

Audry@Castaways Estate Sale Services

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